Sarah Brauner

Papers, preprints and related talks:

  1. Invariant theory of the Free left-regular band and a q-analogue, To appear in Pacific Journal of Mathematics.
    With Patty Commins and Vic Reiner.
  2. A type B analog of the Whitehouse representation, To appear in Mathematische Zeitschrift.
  3. Eulerian representations for real reflection groups, Journal of the London Mathematical Society, (2022).
  4. A simplified presentation of Specht modules. Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra. (2022).
    With Tamar Friedmann.
    • Journal version.
    • ArXiv preprint
    • Slides from a talk on this paper at the AMS Special Session on Combinatorics in Algebra and Algebraic Geometry at University of Michigan, October 2018.

  5. Enumerating Linear Systems on Graphs, Mathematische Zietschrift. (2020).
    With Forrest Glebe and David Perkinson.
  6. A Workshop to Build Community and Broaden Participation in Mathematics: Reflections on the Mathematics Project at Minnesota, PRIMUS. (2021).
    With Esther Banaian, Harini Chandramouli, Kim Klinger-Logan, Alice Nadeau and McCleary Philbin.

    • Journal version.
    • Preprint.
    • I gave a talk with Esther Banaian and McCleary Philbin on our paper at the University of Chicago Pedagogy Seminar. Watch a recording of our talk here.

A short introduction to my research

Here is a 5 minute introduction to my research, originally made for the 2020 UMN prospective graduate student weekend.

(It assumes some knowledge of algebra, but not much else!)